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One can not help but admire the breathtaking tricks or maneuvers usually displayed by wakeboarders on beaches. You would not want to blink your eyes to make sure you do not miss the expected scenic landing from air.

Mastery of such wakeboarding tricks do not come easy. It takes a lot of practice and the right equipment, particularly the wakeboard and bindings. With the continued interest in this surface water sport, more innovations in design and technology are coming and naturally, the result will be better wakeboarding performances.

Wakeboarding, as it is known now, started over two decades ago, with simple moves, almost like water surfing, Foot straps were only added to the board in the mid 1980s, which enabled the riders to incorporate more docking tricks into this water sport. The foot straps added significantly to the more dynamic image of the sport and evolved into the wakeboard bindings that new riders know now.

Now, there is a large selection of wakeboard bindings to choose from. The right pair would greatly affect the way you ride, and your comfort while wakeboarding, knowing to choose the right bindings is a very important challenge that wakeboarders should prepare for because the wakeboard bindings are as important as the board.

What are the important points wakeboarders should keep in mind in choosing and setting up his or her bindings? Here are some of them:

A snug fit is a must for the rider's comfort and security because the bindings are the rider's attachment to the board. If a lubricant is needed to get into the binding, then, the fit is just right. Too loose bindings can be just as dangerous as a very tight one. Aside from feeling pain, too tight bindings may cause breaking of the leg or ankle during improper landing.

For a precise fit, it may necessary to adjust the ties and straps. Let a pro shop make the adjustment if you are not sure you can do it right.

Read the manufacturer's label or information that goes with the product. The product may not function as expected if the manufacturer's instructions are not strictly adhered to.

The bindings should comfortably accommodate the foot especially the toes and the arch. Check the parts of the bindings, the overlay, underlay, foot bed, hardware, baseplate, and adjustment as follows:

-the overlay, should be thick enough to provide the necessary support but not too firm to prevent comfortable movement

– the underlay is soft enough to prebent pinching on tight areas

– the foot bed, the part that supports the foot such that there is no pressure on the ankles and knees, should be able to absorb the shock on the feet.

– the hardware and the base plate should ensure the bindings are securely attached to the board

A top-selling brand now is the Liquid Force Alpha Wakeboard Bindings. The Alpha wakeboard is not only stylish; it is light and comfortable resulting from its use of better materials and technology.

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