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Nazi Zombies is a mini-game that is included in the 2008 game Call of Duty: World at War. Every round you are faced with a hoard of zombies that you must fend off. You gain points by killing zombies and by repairing your level. These points can then be spend on opening up new areas, buying new weapons, and doing other level-specific things. The number of waves that you can face is limitless, and with each wave the zombies get tougher and there are more of them.

Over the last few months, I've heard a lot of people asking "What is the Call of Duty 5 zombies highest level that anyone has got to?"

The world record for a single player game is level 41, as was completed on the PC version of Call of Duty 5. Obviously, it's easier to play on the PC then on a console, as aiming is easier with a mouse than with a controller .

To maximize your chances, you'll need to play with 4 players, and you'll need to have a solid game plan / strategy. My personal strategy is this:

Stay in the first room until at least level 5. Go for as many head-shots as possible. Also, let the zombies break down a few of the barriers at the start, so you can get points for repairing them. Next, open the door with 'help' written next to it (do NOT go upstairs). Have it so that there are two people guarding the help room and the other two remaining in the first room. Keep going to the magic box whenever there's a lull in the combat, or between rounds. When things start getting tough, and you all have fairly decent weapons, head upstairs, via the 'help' room. From here, go to the corner where the grenades are. You want at least two people throwing grenades back through the door where you came, along the stairs that you came up. From here it's mostly luck, as you'll need to get lucky with the weapons (ray-guns and flamethrowers). Using this tactic, I managed to get to level 31.

Source by Nicholas JP Smith

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