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Having Problems Falling Asleep at Night? A Blue Sleeping Light Will Help You! |

One symptom common in insomniacs is that it is really difficult for them to fall sleep at night, or to develop a regular sleeping pattern. Through my experience, I have tried many different products, medications, and sleeping pills. Sleeping pills are great … but … Im sure at one point or another in your life […]

Roller Derby in Austin |

In 2001, what started as an idea at the smoky 6th street club Casino El Camino, quickly gained steam among like-minded women of Austin, and the roller derby was reborn. Although many of those who started up the comeback had not skated for decades, the gung ho spirit spawned one of Austin's favorite new events. […]

The Perfect Paintball Gun – Magazine Marker Vs Hopper Fed |

How does one pick the “Perfect Paintball Marker or Paintball Hopper for the Perfect Paintball Gun”? There are so many choices it is enough to make the paintball player’s head spin. There are so many variables to taken in to consideration: 1. Will the Paintball player be playing on an outdoor field, in the woods, […]

Alpha Bindings For Improved Wakeboarding |

One can not help but admire the breathtaking tricks or maneuvers usually displayed by wakeboarders on beaches. You would not want to blink your eyes to make sure you do not miss the expected scenic landing from air. Mastery of such wakeboarding tricks do not come easy. It takes a lot of practice and the […]

Eight Reasons Why You Can Call Yourself a Nurse Detective |

Like a good mystery? Love to see a detective put together clues to solve a crime? You may not realize it, but being a nurse is like being a detective. I compared what you need to be a detective with what you need to be a nurse and found these eight ways the two careers […]

The Types of Paintball Tanks and Their Differences |

Paintball which originated back in 1976, has had a steady increase in popularity. The primary strategy behind paintball is to shoot your opponent with a ball of paint that is traveling at excessively high speeds, since "killing" him and bringing your team one step closer to another victory. The rate of acceleration that a person's […]

World Record for Balancing Tallest Pole |

An article about a world record set by Ashrita Furman for balancing the longest pole on your chin. Aspendos – what magic and charm are to be found in that name! Fifty kilometres east of Antalya, on Turkey's Mediterranean coast, lies this masterpiece of the ancient world. In AD 162, out of the granite bedrock, […]

Want To Be An Airsoft Sniper |

Airsoft as a hobby tends to revolve around assault rifles and pistols and has done for years. The vast majority of airsoft fans want to own replica M16s, M4s, AK47s etc. But not every airsoft fan is created the same way – some of us are not interested in high volume firepower. There's an additional […]

The Pros And Cons Of Being A Nurse Anesthetist |

A nurse anesthetist undergoes training in anesthesiology to be able to administer anesthesia. In hospitals and surgery centers the nurse works under a certified anesthesiologist’s supervision. Just like any other career path, this one does have its pros and cons. It would be a good idea to weigh them when deciding whether it is the […]