The Unreliable Narrator – Analysis of the Story Emergency |

The fictional and adventurous story, Emergency, is written by Denis Johnson in the first-person, and unreliable form of narrative. During this stimulating and fictional short story, Dennis Johnson emphasizes the confessional nature as one which lacks credibility. The lack of such credibility comes in the form of: untrustworthiness, incomplete information, and hallucination, which at times […]

My Survival of Small Cell Cervical Cancer |

Hi, my name is Colleen Marlett and as you know from my last article, I am a cancer survivor. I survived a rare and aggressive cancer called Small Cell Carcinoma of the Uterine Cervix, or SCCC. It is a rare form of cervical cancer and although Small Cell Cancer is not rare in the liver, […]

Anal Cancer and Kerry’s Story: Beware of HPV |

KERRY’S STORYKerry was a 42-year old female executive who was in excellent health. She was married but had no children and had never been pregnant. She was a non-smoker with no past medical history and no family history of cancer. Specifically, Kerry had no history of sexually transmitted diseases and she was HIV negative. When […]

Commitment Phobic Males – Their Story |

Many women have loved a man who can not love back. To put it simply, he's not just doing this to you. He's done it to every woman he's ever been involved with. Steven Carter COMMITMENT: To pledge, promise, or engage oneself in a sincere initiative. PHOBIA: Persistent, irrational fear or dread of a specific […]

Do What Les Brown Did and You Will Survive Prostate Cancer |

If you know the popular American motivational speaker, Les Brown, you will know that he is a prostate cancer conqueror for several years. I like to tell all those who have been diagnosed with the condition – if Les Brown and lots of other people all over the world were able to survive prostate cancer, […]

Flea Control – Cool Techniques For Getting Rid of Fleas in Your Car! |

Your vehicle can also be a hot spot for fleas. A flea can happily take up residence in the upholstery or even in your vehicle’s carpet. Just parking in a yard that is flea infested can put them in your car via your passenger’s shoes. If you want to get rid of these fleas then […]

From a Dream to Reality – Maggie’s Story |

As a small child, Maggie Steyn enjoyed spending time helping her mother in the kitchen with baking and cooking, but with the dream that one day, she would create a range of rusks with her own branding. As the years went by she gained experience of the restaurant trade, from assisting her father after school […]

The Aftershocks of Trauma |

If trauma can be equated to an earthquake, then its multiple manifestations, most of which exert their effects on a person for the reminder of its life, can be considered its aftershocks. But what exactly is trauma? 1. Trauma Defined: Trauma is an automatic response to the threat of safety or survival. It is an […]

Surviving Infidelity: Understanding How Compartmentalization Plays a Role |

Most people have used the art of compartmentalizing sometime in their life. It’s a common practice in many occupations such as law enforcement or military service. It’s the brain’s way of determining an action is more important than the consequences. Our brains detect that an action is wrong (shooting/killing) but necessary (criminal/war). So, we box […]

The South Beach Diet Plan – How I Made it Through Phase 1 |

I love to eat! I guess that’s why I hate dieting so much. Most of those fad diets either totally restrict you from eating the foods you love (and crave), or they make you eat an overabundance of the foods that are well, not my favorite. After all, how many eggs, peanuts or oranges can […]