Trainspotting Analysis |

Trainspotting adapted from Irvine Welsh’s novel and made by the Shallow Grave team of writer John Hedge, producer Andrew Macdonald, and director Danny Boyle, giving us characters and moments that are unforgettable. Ewan McGregor plays Renton, an on-and-off heroin addict who can’t decide whether to clean up or regress in the company of his loser […]

Gross Halloween Party Game: Feeling Witch Or Wizard Body Parts |

Here’s a relatively simple yet fun Halloween party game that uses the power of suggestion to make it gross. Kids absolutely love this, because their vivid imaginations make it easy to believe it’s real. Basically, you have to touch witch or wizard body parts. Here’s how. Use some kind of a story, like how you […]

Bereavement in Rabbits: How Rabbits Cope With the Loss of a Bonded Partner |

It may come as a surprise to know that rabbits can grieve and mourn the loss of a partner much like humans do. Rabbits are capable of deep love and affection and their understanding of what is going on is greater than most people realise. Bonded pairs Rabbits living in bonded pairs of neutered male […]

Why Poor Preparation for a Mountain Race Can Have Serious Consequences |

Mountains Trails and remote locations can be beautiful places, but also very dangerous places. Each year, inexperienced runners enrol for a race for which they lack the experience, and not all survive. There are countless unfortunate news stories each year where runners are found injured, or even dead, whilst participating in what they thought was […]

Missed Diagnosis – This is My Story, It Could Save Your Life |

My story begins late one night in December 2008. I’d just come home from a long and wonderful trip to Bhutan, Nepal and India and was in the midst of moving in with a man I’d met and fallen in love with two summers before. We’re both in good health, exercise regularly and keep our […]

A Review of Boyz N the Hood: Signs Stereotypes and Critical Analysis |

Boyz N the Hood is a classic African American film that can be critically analyzed through the lens of race and gender issues in the media. The first thing that I noticed when watching the film through such lens was the usage of common signs throughout the film that were found on the street and […]

Why Funny Coffee Mugs Make the Best Gifts For Coworkers |

There are many times at work when it seems appropriate to give gifts for coworkers. It is often a problem however to decide what to give. Funny coffee mugs make great gifts ideas for a few reasons. Firstly, most people in an office environment drink coffee. It helps people wake up in the morning and […]

Biblical Characters Who Doubted God |

Troubles may cause us to doubt in God. When everything goes well with you, you will keep on praising God as you have nothing to worry about. However, we get challenged to believe in God at one time when we face difficult situations which we don’t know how to solve. There are a number of […]

How Aloe Vera Can Help Prevent and Remove Foot Corns and Calluses |

Corn Facts One of the most common foot problems are corns and calluses. This happens when the skin of the foot is subjected to pressure and friction. Walking and other similar activities, especially since a person is wearing footwear, will bring about the thickening of the skin as reaction to the pressure and friction. A […]

"I Would Find A Girl Walking" Is True Crime At Its Best! |

In what best selling author Michael Connelly describes as “One of the best looks inside the mind and motives of a serial killer that I’ve ever read”, authors Kathy Kelly and Diana Montane give readers a true crime drama in I WOULD FIND A GIRL WALKING. Just prior to the technological age that would change […]