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The good old Shot Gun. Shot guns are probably the least used guns in Call of Duty 4. The reason is they fill and extremely small niche in CoD4. These weapons definitely have their place on the battlefield field, you just need pick your spots carefully.

Its the only gun where you have just one range. If you are not at close range not only will you not kill any thing, you wont even damage it. This leaves you with zero room for error while navigating the map. This is why the gun is the least used weapon in CoD4. But if your patient and handle it right the gun is absolutely devastating, especially the M1014.


The shot guns have a few attachments that are worth going over quickly.

There's pretty much no difference between the stock and Red Dot Sight shot guns. Go with what ever floats your boat there's no difference other than how it makes the gun look.

The shot guns also have a Grip attachment. Its supposed to help with recoil but I can barely tell the difference. Personally I would shy away from the grip because it takes the spot of Perk 1.

Attachments really do not seem to matter too much with these guns so go with what ever works for you.


Time to see what perks make the shot gun click.

For Perk slot one I highly recommend using 3X Frag Grenades. They are extremely helpful when trying to break into an area with people dug in at mid range. Your shot gun might not be able to
hit them but a friendly grenade to the face sure can.

Bandolier is alright choice also since these weapons are short in the ammo category. You can even use claymores to cover yourself from crossfire's.

In Perk slot 2 Slight of Hand is a very good choice when going shot gun. The auto shotty only has 4 rounds so this perk can save your life.

If for whatever reason you do not want sleight of hand Juggernaut works decent. Good old Stopping Power is alright choice too. Out of all these I do best with Slight of Hand.

Perk 3 really does not have a whole lot that helps us out with a shot gun. The 2 usual suspects Deep Impact and Stead Aim are no good to us. Extreme conditioning is what I go with. It gives you the ability to get to cover faster. The faster you can get into your spot the less time people have to shoot at you.

Getting Accuracy

Accuracy is not an issue with the shotty. You can move, jump, spin around in circles or whatever ever else you can think of and the gun wont care. The issue with these guns is getting your target in range. Even then you want them to come in close enough to land a one hit kill, that's why we are using the shot gun after all is for that close range power shot.

If it takes you 2 shots to get a kill then why not use a more versatile SMG? Since accuracy is not a problem you always want to move and shoot, makes you harder to hit and that is generally a good thing.

Playing it Smart

Playing smart with the shot gun is key since it has so many weaknesses to cover for. The first thing we need to do is think about what the shot guns advantages over other weapons are. Its largest asset is that you can score a one hit kill at close enough range. It also stays accurate while you move and shoot. When your playing in a server ask yourself if your play is taking advantage of these strong points.

Try to keep your movement from one area to another at a minimum, the more you move around the more you expose your weakness. Because of this patience is the most important quality in a good shot gun player. Its not always the most fun job but some one has to stay back and defend, the time the action will come your way and your patience will pay off.

However staying in one place is not always an option, for example the objective might change or move. When this happens you have no choice but to pack up and find a new place to call home. When moving from one spot to another take out your pistol. Chances are you will encounter some one out of the range of the shot gun, so you have a much better chance at surviving with your side arm.

Tips and Tricks

Now I want to talk to you about some common mistakes that will help you avoid unnecessary deaths. Number one is do not get tunnel vision. Do not focus on one area or just what's going on in front of your face. This means do not guard the same door way all freaking game. Move around or die to grenades.

Next up is going on the run. If you have to leave your close quarters area do not even bother to keep your shotgun out. switch to your pistol, its not much but it will at least do damage at mid range unlike the shotgun. I have said a few times that a close range gun makes for a good aggressive weapon. That is not true for the Shot Gun.

With an SMG you have the ability to at least use suppressing fire to get out of mid or long range situations. That's not an option if your carrying a shotgun. You will have to move to a new area every once in a while, just do not do it as much as you would with an MP5. Its better to be patient and stick to one or two areas where you have the advantage over those SMGs.

Source by Steve Boy

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