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Although most people find zombies to be fictional creatures and the idea of their existence kind of funny, there are some historical and contemporary evidence that zombies might have existed or they are among us even now.

Probably the best way to understand the whole zombie concept is to learn something more about Voodoo – a tradition / religion in which zombies have significant place. Voodoo is actually an interesting mix of Catholicism and indigenous beliefs from western Africa. Voodoo is still practiced today in some Central American countries like Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago and Haiti. Voodoo believers are recorded in Brazil and USA too. It is believed that the word “zombie” comes from the Angolan language. “Nzambi” means “spirit of a dead person” in the Angolan language spoken by Bakongo people.

You have probably seen some voodoo rituals through some movies and the voodoo dolls used in those rituals. However voodoo priests also use some herbal mixtures and parts of bodies, bones and hair of various animals. But one thing is extremely interesting when it comes to zombies – these voodoo priests also produce a substance called coupe poudre which they claim can turn a normal person into a zombie.

These claims were getting a lot of attention in the scientific world in the early 20th century. A professor from Columbia University in the 1930s visited a hospital in Haiti. However, almost all these studies showed that patients that had zombie-like symptoms were actually suffering from some kind of diseases or poisons that are damaging certain parts of the human body which results in inability to speak and express free will.

In 1982 ethno botanist Wade Davis from Harvard University has managed to get inside the secret societies of Haiti and examine the white zombie powder more closely. Voodoo priests were using all kinds of herbs to prepare coupe poudre but there were a few things that made the core of this substance

– a small endemic frog that can be found only on Haiti,

– a poisonous worm,

– American neurotoxic frog

– one of the most poisonous fish in the world – puffer fish

– powder produced from burned parts of dead humans.

The most powerful substance is the fish poison known as tetrodotoxin.

It is this poison that produces the zombie-effect in some people and probably the best explanation for the living dead phenomenon. Only small amounts of this strong toxin causes numbness, tingling and a pleasant feeling of floating accompanied with mild euphoria. If higher amounts of it enter the system it can cause respiratory problems and eventually lead to death. It takes only few minutes for this to happen. If the proper dosage is used (not very high amount but not small either) tetrodotoxin will keep the victim alive and conscious but in a totally numb state without the ability to communicate. The victim can barely breathe and the heart rate falls rapidly. This is some kind of vegetative state and voodoo priests bury the body and after a period of time,they dig the body up. Thanks to a psychoactive plant called datura the person is conscious again.

As you can see zombification and zombies exist but nowadays this tradition is forbidden in Haiti.

Source by Ray Livingston

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