Ghosts and Spirits – Why Are People Scared of Them? |

You hear weird noises outside and faint voices inside your home, sound of ankle bells nearby, the doors squeak, dogs howl. It frightens you, makes your hair stand up. Why? You feel that maybe a ghoul is prowling by near your home. Are ghosts and ghouls for real or are they just glorified imaginations of mankind? Why do people freak out due to tree creaks and howling dogs?

Ghosts, ghouls, zombies, etc can be perceived by different people in different ways depending on how they find those entities depicted to them through mediums like movies, novels, TV Shows, etc. A person does not acquire knowledge about the world, it's different entities and how to perceive them at birth. It is how they come across in front of his eyes that makes him react to them accordingly. For example, if a person grew up watching cartoon shows where zombies are portrayed in a goofy lite, they would laugh at the thought of ghosts and zombies. On the other hand, someone who has become familiar to the concept of ghosts and spirits through horror movies like Ju-On, Shutter, The Exorcist etc would develop the common emotion, fear, towards such entities.

Hearing superstitious beliefs like dog howling at night is an indicator of evil ghosts and death can play tricks on anyone's mind when you hear those howls at midnight. Then again, dogs' howling is a scientific fact as well. Dogs are descendants of the wolves and hence are pack animals needing the company of one another, unlike maybe cats. They howl when they feel lonely to communicate with the other dogs in the neighborhood and sort of say "hi", "hello good morning", etc. I can't hit the "sure" button on whether the beliefs are wrong or right. Maybe they do see ghosts walking and smirking at them, maybe they don't. If only we knew for sure whether ghosts exist or don't exist.

It's frightening for many to think of being in a dark place with speculated activity or even without speculated activity of the spirits. When you question them why, they aren't sure why they get scared! Why aren't they sure? It's quite natural to be perplexed when the effectiveness of your eyes have been reduced and don't know what's gonna happen. It is mainly due to the fact i mentioned above, ie, the depiction of the dark being a trademark signature for a haunted place. In a nutshell, fear of the unknown. If you, me or even the biggest skeptics were asked to be locked inside a supposedly haunted dark room for a whole night to prove whether spirits exist in there or not, i think we would hesitate a lot to take such an unpredictable task. Then who? The only ones who i truly trust to do that would be toddlers! They aren't mentally developed to register what is supposed to make them scared, make them cry or make them angry while the developed ones like us know what will make us afraid, excited or sad. We can perceive fear as it is.

Research and ghost hunting in the paranormal field to decipher the existence of ghosts and other mystical creatures hasn't reached any conclusion whatsoever. Hence we fear them since we haven't really seen them and aren't sure of their existence. It has only lead to reality ghost hunting shows like Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, etc with most of them coming across as fake. In these shows, most of the evidences of so-called "manifestation" is based on some light flashes or blobs of light hovering around which come across as fake and without a concrete proof. They avoid backing it up with an explanation or real proof by quoting "it is unexplained"! One show that actually caught my attention is Ghost Hunters for their usage of certain devices which gets lit up based on the theory that ghosts radiate EMF (Electromotive Force). But when these hunters were asked why do ghosts emit EMF and how their device works, yet again the wave of uncertainty radiates out of them and no clear answer to that question. There are many mixed reactions on the "ghosts emit EMF" theory from experts.

So i would like to conclude my article by asking a simple question: Since there hasn't been any reliable findings on spirits and whether they are friendly or not, should we assume their nature and be scared of them?

Source by Mohit Mohan Menon

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