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Some of the most popular, far-out, way-out Halloween outfits come straight from the greatest freaks of filmdom. The weird, the twisted, the movies' creepiest creations all crawl out from under their collective rocks (or tombstones) for the biggest horror costume party of the year. Dragging and kicking fictional monsters down from the silver screen to temporary reality takes a little planning, a lot of imagination and just the right costumes for Halloween. Who will you make-believe to be this time?

* Freddy Krueger

Undead Freddy is ready with a chest of 1980s souls that he collected by invading his victims' dreams, while creating his own Nightmares on Elm Street. The deformed-faced slasher in a beat-up fedora hat dares his prey to fall asleep, where he wreaks his razor-sharp havoc on innocence like Johnny Depp. Speaking of Johnny …

* Edward Scissorhands and the Mad Hatter

Depp sunk into some very scary and slightly strange roles that are well-copied on Halloween, playing the sad and ultra-pale Edward Scissorhands, a literally very sharp boy, in black leather and cascading belt buckles, who made a point by trimming hedges at lightning speed with his own built-in set of hand blades. Edward lived in a big Goth mansion until the Avon lady adopted him.

At the whole other end of the color spectrum in Halloween fancy dress is Tim Burton's Mad-Hatter, with Depp re-dipped in orange hair and eyebrows, pink-purple eye shadow and lips, seaweed-green eyes and a top hat twice as big as his head. Fancy dress is all about being the life of the tea party for a weird and fabulous Halloween.

* Beetlejuice

The kinkiest guy in the hereafter, Michael Keaton's pin-striped Beetlejuice is the movies' most ill-mannered, pratfalling comeback from the grave. Beetlejuice is a trickster bio-exorcist hired to scare yuppies while breaking all the rules in the "Handbook for the Recently Deceased." With his Einstein hair and lightswitch-quick grin, Beetlejuice has been one of the favorite happy, but one of the spookiest Halloween costumes of all time.

* Jason Voorhees

Son of a revenge-crazed murdering mom, Jason dons his requisite slasher knife for revenge in his many Friday the 13th silent-but-deadly appearances. No one gets out of the camp at Crystal Lake alive with Jason around, even if he hides under a hockey mask that looks suspiciously similar to the ones the Detroit Red Wings worn in the 1950s. Nobody seems to remember that Jason did not wear the mask until he swiped it from a victim in the second sequel.

* Ghostface – Scream

Art really comes to life in Halloween outfits based on a revolving killer Halloween disguise taken straight from "The Scream" painting by Edvard Munch. While the murderers change from one Scream movie to the next, the scary face that covers them never changes. The dark-cloaked, knife-wielding stranger is out to get everybody with those dead-droopy eyes and the unforgettable ghost scream mouth, one of those costumes for Halloween that will scare the kiddies from egging the car, every single time.

* The Classic Costumes

What would trick-or-treat be without appearances by creatures who have haunted the movies since the beginning? It's all hair everywhere for the silver bullet-dodging Werewolf, maximum platform shoes and limited vocabulary for bolt-necked Frankenstein and crisp, formal night-man fancy dress wear for His Eminence Count Dracula.

* The New Vampires

Dracula started a bat-tastic trend with his sophisticated opera cape, big bow tie and slicked-back hair, but today's Halloween fancy dress really puts the vamp in vampires. The modern all-nighters blood club features True Blood and Twilight influence – still with the bloodless skin, but so well-dressed, it's hard to tell the pointy-teeth guys from the newest prom king.

* Zombies

Dressing up for Halloween wouldn't be scare-ifying without a Zombie shuffling the streets in search of brain food. Popular since the days of Dawn of the Dead and Thriller, these reanimated victims of un-death only really want to get back to their dirt naps.

Source by Colin Wharton

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