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From 1994 to 2005, one of Nickelodeon's most popular show's was "All That." The show featured a live-action sketch comedy routine performed by young aspiring comedians.

From the show came many young stars as well as spin-off television shows. Shows such as, "The Amanda Show," "Kenan and Kel," "Action League Now!" and "The Nick Cannon Show." Young stars that emerged from All That include: Amanda Bynes, Kenan Thompson, Josh Server, Jamie Lynn Spears, and Nick Cannon who recently married pop singer Mariah Carey.

Many "original" sketches became regular on the show, some were even turned it movies. One of the most notable sketches, Good Burger, was later turned into a movie. The sketch took place at a fast food restaurant where cashier, Ed (played by Kel Mitchell and later later Ryan Coleman), acted as a clueless teenager who would make hilarious mistakes as customers would place their orders.

Another notable sketch was Vital Information originally starring Lori Beth Denberg. The sketch would have comprised of Lori Beth giving seemlessly useless advice usually in three sayings. Some examples of the "vital information" provided include: "If you do not know the difference between bologna and your underwear, then I is not eatin 'a sandwich at your house!" and "It's not nice to push your friend Billy off the roof and then yell," Look neighbors! It's raining Billy! "And" If your teacher gives you an F, it is wrong to say "Well what do you expect moron ?! I did not study!"

A few of the other sketches included on the show were: Billy Fuco, Have a Nice Day with Leroy & Fuzz, The Spice Boys, Walter the Earboy, The Island Girls, Baggin 'Saggin' Barry, Superdude, Ask Ashley, Ishboo, USS Spaceship, Repair Man, Cooking with Randy and Mandy, Mrs. Hushbaum, Whateverrrr !, Everyday French With Pierre Escargot, and many more.

Source by Sarah Perkins

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