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Paintball is growing sport not only in North America, but also the world. In North America alone, it is not uncommon to see organizations sponsoring a paintball competition or event. The beauty of the game is that people can play it casually or take it seriously. It's all up to the player.

Although paintball guns are designed to shoot only paintballs, it is no means free from all danger. When everyone follows the rules and lies basic protective gear, the fun aspect of the game is maintained. It is vital that players remember and maintain safety practices at all times, especially during the times of a heated battle, where people are more prone to get transported away. This could be from the paintball guns being used, to the equipment being worn. Ethics and good sportsmanship are also a must to keep the games clean and fun.

If a player is in the playing field, it is important that he or she has protective gear on at all times. A facemask is required to protect the head and face, and for body protection, pads on the knees, chest and elbows. Rubber sole shoes are the best option for feet, and rubber gloves on the hands is also preferred.

Make sure paintball guns fire within the boundaries of maximum velocity, inspection before every match is the way to do it. Participants can be seriously injured if the balls travel more than 300 feet per second, be sure that every gun does not exceed that.

Accidents can happen in the staging area simply because participants were tinkering with their guns, and accidently misfired. A simple barrel plug can prevent such accidents. It is advisable that barrel plugs should be inserted before and at the end of every match to keep the paintball marker from firing when the game is not being played.

During a battle, dirt, paint or sweat could obstruct the facemask vision. Players should not take off the mask without the referee being called. This is to make sure that no shooting can be done while the mask is being cleaned. After it is clean and mounted back on the player's face, the battle can resume. On cases where a facemask is incidentally taken off, the same rules apply.

In the battle zone, the only valid activity that one competitor can do to another player is shooting paint to eliminate them. Even then, a competitor can opt to surrender for a situation where being eliminated is inevitable. If so, no shooting is necessary. This game is intended to be fun for all participants; this means that striking or aggressive body contact between players is not allowed. Cursing on the playing field is ill-advised, without all players agree that cursing is allowable.

Source by Christine M Harrell

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