Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies Guide – How to Win easily |

In Call of Duty: Black Ops, the Zombies mini-game is just as popular as ever. In this Black Ops Zombies Guide, I will be revealing some of the best tactics you can use to get the highest possible levels in Zombies. The first thing you should know is to know the difference between Zombies and […]

Black Ops Zombies – What You Need to Know to Master the Later Levels |

So who's up for taking down some Zombies and getting to the infinite harder later levels? Those Zombies are foul things that do not deserve to breathe the same air as our heroes. Alright, alright – so they do not technically. But you get the point. Black Ops Zombies is a mini game within the […]

They Are Back: Zombies on Call of Duty Black Ops |

We all loved the zombie mode from Call of Duty: World at War as it was a little extra fun added to the usual singe player campaign and online multiplayer modes. That's why so many gamers out there are excited for the zombies on Call of Duty Black Ops. Forum goers on places such as […]

How To Draw Zombies: Techniques For Horror Sketching |

Learn how to draw zombies? If not, read on and learn how to draw them like a virtuoso with these easy steps. Drawing is one of the most fulfilling and exciting hobbies around, but not all of us have the talent to draw the things we like. However, with a little practice (I know, you've […]

Boxhead Games Review – Boxhead Series of Games Published by Crazy Monkey Games |

The Boxhead Games are a certain original series of zombie survival games created, published in flash and available to play free online at many gaming websites. Currently there are 5 games in the series with the latest and most successful being Boxhead The Zombie Wars. They were created by Sean Cooper, published by Crazy Monkey […]

Zombies: The Real Living Dead |

One of the most feared creatures of modern horror has to be the zombie – lumbering around in his or her tragic trance with no soul and – more terrifying – no way to die (well he's already dead). All he wants is human meat, more specifically live, jelly-like brains. His pale pallor and torn-away […]

Zombies of the Living Dead – Part One |

Introduction to a Zombie Nightmare Hollywood zombies are overrated. Those crazy "Living Dead" movies, though horrific exciting, are not based on reality. Sorry to burst your blithering bubbles, folks! So what is the reality behind zombies, those reanimated corpores that are accursed and accused of stumbling around and pursuing helpless victims? What is the origin […]

What are Trolls, Zombies and Demons in The Online World? |

I'm surrounded by strange jargon and I feel like an extra in a B-grade horror movie. One mailing list I'm on has "trolls", and the latest virus can turn my computer into a "zombie", and my ISP keeps talking about "demons"! Egads! Do I need some sort of exorcist to use my computer now ?? […]

Call of Duty 5 Zombies Highest Level |

Nazi Zombies is a mini-game that is included in the 2008 game Call of Duty: World at War. Every round you are faced with a hoard of zombies that you must fend off. You gain points by killing zombies and by repairing your level. These points can then be spend on opening up new areas, […]

How Zombies Are A Metaphor For Modern Survival |

Somewhere around this past year my best friend urged me to read through World War Z by Max Brooks. Initially I was really averse. Zombie genre stuff really was not for me. Shortly after some harassment, I gave in and obtained the book. A chapter into it and I was not able to put Wold […]