The Zombies Through the History |

A zombie is often a reanimated dead or a mindless human being. In the middle ages it was commonly believed that the souls of the dead will return to the earth and haunt the living. The zombies appear in several other cultures worldwide like China, India, Japan, the Pacific and the Native Americans. Haitian Vodou […]

COD Black Ops Zombies Lags |

Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies is marked as a highly played game on the internet. Unfortunately, there are several cases in which the users reported that the game lags too much. Most of these users had tried reinstalling it, tried to defrag disks and scanned system for viruses but the problem still persisted. Here […]

Zombies in Call of Duty: Black Ops |

Those who have enjoyed Modern Warfare 1 and 2 are sure to find Call of Duty Black Ops worth buying, which is a first person shooter game that will be released in the fall of this year, 2010. Developed by Treyarch and published by Activision, this latest addition is sure to create a sensation for […]

Zombies and Syphilis – A Myth to Explain a Disease? |

Zombies have long been a fascination for Americans. From Night of the Living Dead to the Walking Dead to Dawn of the Dead, to Jane Austen and Zombies to Zombie Apocalypse, the zombie subculture is “alive” and kicking it in the millennium. Zombies have infiltrated everything from films to books to video games, cocktails, cartoons, […]

Sodium Fluoride Zombies |

Fluoride in our tap water. A good thing or a bad thing? What do you think about it? If you do not have opinion about it (yet), lets put few facts in to retrospect here, so you should decide for yourself. Flourine is unstable gas which is not found in nature in its elemental state. […]

Zombies of the Living Dead – Part Two |

Magic Zombie Potion The naively superstitious Haitians believe that zombies are created through black magic rather than drugs made by the voodoo sorcerers or witchdoctors. The gullible folks of this land do not subscribe to scientific methods, for to them magic is the real power to be feared. However, modern research into Haitian zombies rituals […]

Zombies – A Brief History |

Zombies have become an increasing popular topic for video games, movies and Halloween during the past couple of decades. Why is this and what really started the craze? Are Zombies real and does history support these creatures? Why are we so fascinated with Zombies? One of our greatest fears is death, but the thought of […]

SHTF Home Defense Strategies: How to Keep The Zombies At Bay |

So maybe you watch "The Walking Dead" and worry about zombies or maybe you just see the country headed for an economic collapse and you have very legitimate concerns about crime skyrocketing. Whatever your motivation, you want to know how you can "harden" your house to make it less of an attractive target for burglars […]

Zombie Costumes For a Horrifying Halloween |

Halloween is an excellent time to break out of the sameness of every day life and be different and take chances. It's the time of year that magic is in the air and chaos rules so then you can let your imagination run wild and be the opposite of what you normally are. A good […]

How to Prepare for a Zombie Apocalypse |

Basics of zombie survival Zombie survival depends on three necessary things: being open-minded, having a zombie survival kit and developing a zombie emergency plan. Zombie survival starts with being open-minded, it's important because while we know that a zombie apocalypse will not happen, the steps you would take to become zombie proof are the same […]