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Ghosts and Spirits – Why Are People Scared of Them? |

You hear weird noises outside and faint voices inside your home, sound of ankle bells nearby, the doors squeak, dogs howl. It frightens you, makes your hair stand up. Why? You feel that maybe a ghoul is prowling by near your home. Are ghosts and ghouls for real or are they just glorified imaginations of […]

Do You Have These Relationship Problems in Your Marriage? Fix Them Before Getting a Divorce |

When you are having problems in your marriage, it's so easy to just think the best solution is getting a divorce. You probably have quite a few friends who got divorced, some of your family members too, even some of your neighbors, and definitely too many celebrities. They make divorce sounds like a good thing. […]

Have a Freaky Halloween Straight From the Movies |

Some of the most popular, far-out, way-out Halloween outfits come straight from the greatest freaks of filmdom. The weird, the twisted, the movies' creepiest creations all crawl out from under their collective rocks (or tombstones) for the biggest horror costume party of the year. Dragging and kicking fictional monsters down from the silver screen to […]

Dark Autumn – Book Review |

Now this could definitely be a movie! Dark Autumn is fantastic action-packed futuristic thriller that had me riveted for days. The energy was kept very high throughout the book. Occasionally Clint Dunshee's characters performed seemingly super-human tasks, similar to James Bond or Dirk Pitt. However, the reader is also shown their flaws and the strength […]

Fight Zombie Hordes in Call of Duty: Black Ops |

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies is really a new game mode exactly where players are positioned into particular locations and need to see how long they are able to endure hordes of zombies. The concept is to carry on for as long as you are able to utilizing any means practical and any weapons […]

Hackers Grow in Sophistication |

The first perception one may have of a computer hacker is a socially challenged teenager with too much time on his hands. Unfortunately, this stereotype is not descriptive of the computer hackers today. They have evolved and partake in various fraud schemes and in many instances package and resell stolen information to other criminals. There […]

Be Cool and Stay Warm With Zombie Hoodies |

A plain jacket can keep you warm but why settle for warmth alone when you can keep yourself comfortable while looking fabulous in a zombie hoodie? Hoodies have become popular nowadays not only for very cold weathers but even during mildly cool seasons or even cool summer nights because of the comfort and the style […]

5 Horror Films That Changed Bollywood Horror |

The Bollywood horror film industry has a rich history, going back to the fifties. However, because of several aspects, the mainstream looked at horror with a disdain. Through the seventies, eighties, and nineties, the A-Listers never signed up a horror film. That created a whole new set of actors who’d do Bollywood horror films – […]

Do Zombies Really Exist? |

Although most people find zombies to be fictional creatures and the idea of their existence kind of funny, there are some historical and contemporary evidence that zombies might have existed or they are among us even now. Probably the best way to understand the whole zombie concept is to learn something more about Voodoo – […]

Beating The Instant Buyer |

Being so close to Halloween, I thought I would write the scariest article to real estate investors and Realtors that I could think of. iBuyers are the zombies eating away at your opportunities. They are murdering growth and killing dreams!! Let’s start with what an iBuyer is and what they do, and what we as […]