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The narrative opens with a letter to the Wizard Milward from his old associate Alten Baldrisson Grisham’s Librarian. Milward was notified that war is underway, Adam continues to fulfill dwarfish prophecy, earth quake and a state of siege by the Ortian army are proving bothersome to those living in Grisham. The reader is carried forward with old acquaintances and new. The Emperor, Duke Bilardi, Bardoc and Captain Bilardi all play important roles. Adam and Ethan decide to leave Grisham and before long meet another group in the tunnels beneath the city. Neely, Flynn, Circumstance a ½ elf and adopted son of Ethan and Adam’s twin Charity make up the second group. Charity is amazed to learn Adam will soon become a father. Both groups agree Duke Bilardi is a strong contender for the title of Most Evil Personage in Grisham. The Empire has been ripped into individual fiefdoms, Inquisitors practicing dark arts of torture abound and McCabe is on the loose. McCabe, former petty thief now a conduit for a shadow creature… a Seeker is a force to reckon with. Gilgafed the Sorcerer begs Milward for help in dealing with McCabe. Gilgafed is loath to admit that McCabe is on the loose due to his foolishness. Adam finds that while his magical abilities are improving they do need a bit of fine tuning now and again. The story roars on with travel by vortex, on foot and aboard Drinaugh the dragon. Adam appears to defeat McCabe, however the stench of rot proves that is not the case. Adam must use all his power to assure the safety of the known world.

On the pages of The Patriarch of Pestilence: Book 3 of the Wells End Chronicles writer Beers weaves an interwoven account against a imaginative framework of multiple narratives and innovative, exceptional characters including humans, dragons, machines, elves and wizards. All come hurdling from Beers fertile imagination to offer the reader a most exciting read.

Writer Beers presents readers a lavishly drawn anecdote pumped up with all the deceitfulness, hubbub and machination fantasy lovers enjoy the most. The Patriarch of Pestilence: Book 3 of the Wells End Chronicles is a finely-written yarn filled with supposable, meticulously wrought characters striding purposefully through the chronicle. The reader is carried along on a stimulating trek as author Beers deftly presents propensity, enigmatic scenarios and puissant wonderment, consternation and tumult necessary to hold the reader fully engrossed. Credible, often abrasive dialogue pulls the reader into the narrative from the opening paragraph and holds reader attention right to the last lines where we find Adam enjoying new found respect.

The Patriarch of Pestilence: Book 3 of the Wells End Chronicles is filled with the spirit, dialogue and character of fantasy settings known and loved by young and old alike. Ingenious author Robert Lee Beers has constructed a fascinating domain infused with both base and charitable, blameless and depraved, loveable and detestable characters the reader is sure to find engaging. Teeming with strife fittingly resolved in this masterfully engineered suspense filled narrative; The Wells End Chronicles Book 2: Whispers of War paints a razor sharp, focused account of destiny, cupidity and perseverance. Effect dialog, well-drawn scenarios and characters to love and hate the book is an enjoyable read.

Meant for pleasure reading, The Patriarch of Pestilence: Book 3 of the Wells End Chronicles target audience of young adults will find the book has all the ingredients they wish for in a good fantasy work. Fine book to enjoy by the fire place on a long winter evening or in the porch swing during a hot summer afternoon.

Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend.

Genre: Fantasy

Author: Robert Beers

eBook Publisher:

PO Bx 372 Atherton QLD 4883

$4.95 various eBook formats

ISBN: 1920972722

Source by Molly Martin

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