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Airsoft game is a great and wonderful sport that you would definitely love. It is a team sport where each participant emulates a military or police officer. An airsoft game is very realistic in a sense that it is mostly done in a jungle setting and the gears used by each participant, particularly the weapons, resemble the real things that are being utilized by military or police authorities. In fact, cleaning and caring for your Automatic Electric Gun, or AEG, is very much similar to how real guns are cleaned. Just like real guns, you should take the time to clean your AEG after each airsoft game to ensure that it is in tiptop condition and ready for the next battle.

Because an airsoft game can sometimes be fast paced, you can not afford the luxury of taking the time to fix your AEG in the middle of the game, right inside the combat zone, do you? This is why you have to make sure that your gun is well maintained and works perfectly before you attempt to join in any airsoft game. So how do you exactly maintain and care for your AEG in order for it to be in excellent working condition?

Take your AEG apart, clean and grease each part if necessary. Before you attempt to do this, however, make sure that you have the AEG's manual with you. If this is something that is new to you, have a team member who has a broad experience in the kind of AEG model that you own help you. Take note of every part you take out and try to remember their placement.

Try to remove the battery first and use a soft cloth to clean it. For the grit, you may want to use cotton swabs instead. After this, remove the magazine from the AEG and wipe everything down with a clean cloth. For small areas, you might again want to use cotton swabs. Aside from being wiped clean, moving parts should be oiled to ensure their unhampered operation. Then, turn off the hop up system of your AEG and use a cleaning rod with an appropriate cleaning patch. Try to insert the cleaning rod down into the length of the barrel, and then move it in and out to clean the bores of the barrel. After a few strokes, replace the patch and repeat the same motion until you are absolutely sure there are no dirt particles or residue that remained inside the barrel.

Caring for your AEG by regularly cleaning the whole assembly and oiling the moving parts will prevent any unnecessary malfunctions in the middle of the airsoft game. While it may be true that it does take a little bit of time to clean your AEG, it is a good habit that every participant should diligently observe after the conclusion of each airsoft game.

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