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maybe you did not – but your parents did! Now you can watch live news feeds on multiple channels and turn to the Discovery Channel for a documentary during the half time show of your favorite sports team.

Having a high definition television changes the way you watch TV even more than just the channels you watch. Watching football used to mean listening to the announcers as you watches small figures run up and down the field as the cameras tried to keep up with them. But now, when you're watching in a high definition television, you can practically see the smile on each players face as they successfully run a game or catch the ball for a game-changing touchdown. You can see the anger on the face of the coach who's team just lost to your favorite team. Being able to see the players in more definition gives you more of a feeling that you are a part of the game.

Being able to watch TV in high definition changes more than just sports, though. You do not just have to watch your favorite games when you have hundreds of channels available for you to choose from. You can watch more than just TV when you watch one of the fascinating programs on the Discovery Channel or History Channel. You can learn about the ways of the world – all over the world – when you watch one of the educational channels available to you though satellite TV. You can learn while you are watching and see the world through a clear and defined picture on your big screen.

You no longer have to wonder what the Andes Mountains look like because you can probably find a documentary on the mountains and the various towns surrounding them. You no longer have to wonder what kind of fish live in the waters around the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia because you can watch a documentary that can make you feel like you are actually swimming with the fish yourself. When you start watching high definition television, you will feel like you are watching more than just TV because everything will seem clearer and easier to watch.

Some shows are not available in HD even though you have an HD TV. You can not turn on a rerun of "Friends" and suddenly expect to see everything with better quality just because you have a better TV, but it still might feel better just because you know it should be. You may never go back to the old picture you had with your old television once you realize how much better it can be on your new television. You probably will not even want to watch the big game at a friend's house like you normally do because you'd rather watch it on your own TV because it's suddenly more than just a game. You can start watching more that just TV when you watch your satellite TV in HD.

Source by John R. Harrison

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