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I went to see this film with my family. I wanted to see it, because I like Will Smith as an Actor. Of course, this film that he stars in is very different to ones he has been in before.

It is, basically, about a virus that is given to everyone when a cure is found for cancer. Patients are injected, but it all goes wrong giving them a virus. It turns the population into strange zombie like creatures that only come out at night, because daylight harms them.

The film starts off with Will Smith and his dog all alone in the world. Everyone has turned and they are the only survivors. Will Smith is an Army Doctor and is searching for a cure. He has a lab at the bottom of his house and every day he tries new things to get results.

In spite of him being alone with his dog, he keeps himself fit and healthy and is seen in the film to be a tough person who is coping with every day life as best as he can.

He, also, takes risks when he goes out in the day with his dog and sometimes things go wrong. He sometimes gets stuck when night fall is upon him and he is still outside and he needs to get back to his house before the zombie creatures come outside.

This film is jumpy and thrilling. I found it to be weird in some ways, because I kept thinking what if this was to happen in real life. I know that thinking this is very far fetched, but this film did make me feel this way.

The ending is good, but I wish that there had been a better one.

I thought the quality of the graphics in the film were excellent. The storyline is very good too. Of course, at times it did make me think that something more was coming and it never did.

Over all, I would still recommend to everyone to go and see it. It is worth the watch and I do not regret seeing it myself.

Source by Dee Larkin

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