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How To Survive A Nuclear Attack

What if the blast hits tomorrow?Are you ready for it? If a group threatened a nuclear attack tomorrow inyour area, would you be able to get your familysafely away tonight? If you’re like most people who are unprepared for this, youranswer is “no.” The Nuclear Attack Survival Checklist you have will behelpful, but what if you had a complete blueprint […]

Riding for Adults: Why Should You Learn Horseback Riding? Part I

For the fulfillment of childhood dreams; Developing societies put a bar of activities that one must accomplish as one ages. Most people are just satisfied as being conformists, if you don’t start achieving what is expected you might be considered as strange or peculiar; however these expectations may differ in different societies. If we step […]

“no to Genetically Modified Foods”

Introduction:             Genetics is the basis of life. Every living being around, carries a plethora of genes, some are expressed while others may remain unexpressed all through the life of the organism. The nature has bestowed mankind with the best genetics on the planet. Utilizing the brain potentials man has revealed the secrets hidden in […]

The difference between man and women are logical

While doing my search for this idea, I came across something interesting on the web. At a hospital the relatives gathered in the waiting room, where a family member lay gravely ill. Finally, the doctor came in looking tired and serious. Surveying the worried faces, the doctor said, “I’m afraid I’m the bearer of bad […]

How to Outfit Your Zombie Survival Vehicle

The selection of a post-apocalyptic survival vehicle is of paramount importance.  Don’t expect to find a fully stocked H3 (a la Zombieland) just waiting for you to come along and snag it.  The fact is, quality all-terrain vehicles will be highly sought after commodities in the wake of a zombie invasion.  If you don’t have […]

Surviving Infidelity in Marriage – 3 Simple Tips For Beating Depression Without Prescription Drugs

There is nothing wrong with feeling depressed after you discover infidelity in your marriage. It is natural to feel betrayed, depressed, all other emotions. Still, what I know about surviving infidelity in marriage, is that you must find ways for coping and beating depression without prescription drugs – so you can speak rationally and appropriately […]

Seeds survival in seed banks

Seeds heirloom, you have possibly heard them earlier. No, they are not the seeds accepted by your great-grandmother to your mother in a jewelry package. But secure sufficient, these seeds are actually gems to have. Seeds heirloom sometimes referred to as urgent situation or survival seeds, are frequently included in crisis and tragedy stockpiles. These […]

We're Still Here: A Tea Party Survival Guide

So the Health Care Reform bill has now passed.  As the Tea Party takes some time to lick its wounds, it has absolutely no intention of going quietly.  The movement was given a much needed shot in the arm with the release of Michael Graham’s book That’s No Angry Mob, That’s My Mom.  Graham has […]

Tips for Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane season 2010 is upon us.  While we are all spending our time stocking our freezers and buying “D” size batteries, bottled water and generators, many of us are ignoring the single most important element of a hurricane protection plan – insurance.  Most, if not all of you have insurance to protect your homes and […]

Divorce Survival Guide for Women Program Review – You Don't Have To Suffer, Prepare For Divorce Now

Are things working well in your home right now? Dealing with divorce is quite an important matter to discuss and done with. Studies show that women really are affected with divorce that it breaks them emotionally. It does, and then it could lead to the brokenness of her whole life. Your children are also greatly […]