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The Single Mom Survival Guide Review – Do Not Fall To The Disadvantages Of Being A Single Mom

This review article is for moms who were left to take care of their children. Yes, this is for all the single moms out there. Are you one of them too? Well maybe you are. You are someone who is looking for something to help you out. That is it, actually. You need help. You […]

How Will You Cope With The Global Economic Collapse?

In every continent, within every country, state, and town, conversations such as the following take place on a daily basis… John asks, “Are you prepared for when the SHTF (Shit Hits the Fan)?” Scott replies, “No, and I don’t think anything will happen. Life will continue as normal, and your just wasting your time and […]

How to Survive Outdoor in Cold Weather

No matter how adventurous you are or how tactful you are in emergency situations, human beings are always pitied against weather adversities. The weather has a course of its own and can change without a single notice, which can leave stranded on the most unlikely of places. The best way go through a tough situation […]

Horse Racing Betting Strategy For Survival

The first rule of betting on horse races is to preserve your bankroll at all costs. Without your bankroll you’re out of the game and cannot make any money. That seems so obvious, but many people would tell you that their first objective is to make money. While profit is the key to paying the […]

Survive In Place Review-Survive In Place Urban Survival Course

I’m maintaining this note brief, so please study it now. Grab A Copy Click here Here’s what’s taking place: Using the threats of terrorist attack, organic catastrophe, economic collapse, or a pandemic, you have to have a survival plan in place quickly which is affordable and doesn’t depend on relocating otherwise you being about like […]

Dating in the Philippines – How to Date a Filipina

Being Filipino who was born and raised in the Philippines I’d say a lot and little has changed in the dating scene.   It may sound a little baffling but let me explain by saying that through the decades the conservative dating traditions and values are being fuse with more modern ways of hooking up.   And […]

Survival Bag – What Every Survivalist Should Keep In Theirs

Disaster can strike in a heartbeat, with or without warning, and can ruin lives in one fell swoop. While nobody can say for certain what types of survival tools you may need in any given situation (as this can vary depending upon the type and severity of disaster you are faced with), there are a […]

Survival Guide – Coping with the Scars of Infidelity

Generally, there are two cases in coping with infidelity. First is if your coping with infidelity BUT you’re still married with your partner after the issue. Second is if you are coping with infidelity AFTER divorcing you’re partner. In both cases, it is more painful if the third party is still in the picture.             […]

Economic Collapse Survival Guide for You

In order to survive the consequences of the economic crisis it is necessary to follow economic collapse survival guide. These emergency situations are capturing the whole world at a sweep collapsing the global market. It is very essential to plan and prepare ourselves with a foresight of the future to toil and come out of […]

The Top 4 Ways to get rich in America

For those that have a desire to become financially very successful the task may seem very complicated or nearly impossible.  You may see rich people all over television, or read about them in the newspaper, but trying to become one seems like a fairy tale.  Well, it’s not a fairy tale and the formula to […]