Dating in the Philippines – How to Date a Filipina

Being Filipino who was born and raised in the Philippines I’d say a lot and little has changed in the dating scene.   It may sound a little baffling but let me explain by saying that through the decades the conservative dating traditions and values are being fuse with more modern ways of hooking up.   And as time goes by the survival guide in dating Filipina’s has evolved from the traditional “Harana” (serenading of a woman) and singing of the “Kundiman” (filipino love songs) to more conventional ways of communicating like text messaging, electronic mails and social networking sites.

Right now the Filipino man is faced with a 20th century challenge, which is beyond the dating traditions that our fore-fathers has taught us.  Faced with and age old question “What Do Pinay’s Want?” I believe that with a little tweaking and creativity we can definitely mix the old with the new.

What do Pinay’s want?

Having dated more women than a man could count in his lifetime I believe that we got to start with understanding the Pinay Psyche and what makes Pinay so different with western women and other Asian women whether they live in the Philippines or another part of the world.   We got to understand the core values of what makes her unique and so sought for.

I’ve thought hard and I came up with a list of what filipina’s want that is more or less true for the general population of Pinays however this is not meant to generalize and put them in a certain stereotype.

Filipina’s Value: Romance and Courtship

You take cab – you’ll hear love song, you go to your nearest barbershop –you’ll hear love song, Go to your nearest fast food chain –Love songs.  What’s my point? Filipino are addicted to love and the concept of love and romance.  Believe it or not Pinay’s have a dream of being swept and swoon by her ever courageous Prince at least once in their lives.    They want to meet a man who’ll take them into the whole ride of this thing they call love.  They want a romantic that would read them poems, take them out of dinner, who would serenade to them and have talks of sweet nothings.  Filipina’s appreciate a man who knows how to romance and take care of them.

Filipina’s Want a Real Man

As we know too much of the good stuff is bad for you.  Being overly romantic can make you predictable and boring.  And as we all know women easily get bored and boredom is not your friend in the dating game.  Pinay’s don’t want to date wimp or an effeminate man.  As I’ve said they want a man who can swoon and swept them off their feet’s and you can’t be that man if you’re acting all girly 7 days a week.

Pinay’s want an intriguing man who can make them think and challenge their wits.  They want a man who can make them feel alive and excited about life and dating.  We got to understand like men, women also love an air of mystery they want to meet a guy who is unpredictable.  Someone who can lead them to places and experiences that they’ve never been too.  They want the “Maginoong Medyo Bastos” (The Gentleman with a twist).   They want someone who can make them feel loved and sexy at the same time.  A man who can melt their hearts away, simply because he exudes power, sexual prowess and success. You don’t want to be the nice guy all the time. Being a little bit of both can EASILY make a filipina attracted, and easily fall in love with you.

Filipina’s Want to Experience Emotion

I have never been in a country that watches more “tele-novelas” (romance or drama series) than the Philippines, if you’ve travelled manila and you haven’t scanned through the local channels I dare you go check ABS-CBN and GMA7 during prime time and you’d understand what I’m talking about.   From local “Tele-Seryes” (TV-Series) to Filipino Dubbed “Korea-Novelas” (Korean romance or drama series) we have it all. 

It may sound as if I’m getting off topic here.  But since we’re talking about Filipina’s might as well talk about the stuff she watches on TV.  One of the beautiful things about these “Tele-novelas” is that it gives you a peek on what women want.   They type of movies, book and songs that women listen too should give us an idea of “What women want?”

I already said it guys filipinas are addicted to love and the concept of love and romance.  Somehow I’d say some pinay would even want to star in their own “tele-novela”  you gotta to understand that sometimes they would create drama to have that starring role.  And unfortunately you and I my friend play a big role on it.  We are the lovers, the friends who could be lovers, the random guy she meets at the mall or at work.  The bottomline is that we got to see ourselves as her vacation away from reality.   Women are tired of the mediocre life of work, they want that spark of difference that would make their lives fun if not exciting.

Source by Nash Casten

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