Learn to Spot a Terrorist!!

Anyone can learn how..

The question is not if an attack will hit. The question is when and where. What will you do if you find yourself in the middle of an attack? How can you save your own life and the lives of your family?

In order to prevent and to survive future attacks, we need to be better aware of who these attackers are. We need to know what motivates them, how they think and make decisions, and WHEN and WHERE THEY MIGHT ATTACK.

We need to know what to do if we find ourselves in an attack.

Did you know that the way we instinctively behave when under attack is often the direct opposite of how we should behave? It’s not a surprise. After all, civilians have no training in how to behave when attacked.

We want to change this. We created these manuals exactly for this. For you.

Learn. Prepare. Act.


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