Walking Dead Zombie Shelf Sitter Gift Idea

Walking Dead Zombie Shelf Sitter Gift Idea – Undead See Hear Speak No Evil Set of 3 Shelf Sitters- Computer Top Statue Figurine

Ideal Gift Idea!


Walking Dead Zombie Shelf Sitters



  • Set of 3
  • 4″ tall
  • Shelf Sitters
  • resin





Product Dimensions:   8″ x 6″ x 3.5″

Item Weight:  9.1oz (258gms)


Item Model: 9426

Customer Reviews 4.6 / 5 Stars

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I love these little book buddies who are existentially challenged in no way, at all! My set, had two “hear no evil” dead, and one “see no evil,” dude. Other words, I was missing the “speak no evil,” other brother, Daryl. Once I sat them on top of my vintage radio, and grew to love the irony, I could not bring myself to return my extra deaf denial dead dude! So, I loved them. They’re remarkably built tough, because they need to have more leg bone connected from the hip to the knee bone, and tip off easily. Clever use of our beloved Dead!


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